Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your inquiry regarding submitting to the History of Women’s Surfing online project (HWS). We are committed to sharing the known and unknown histories, biographies, and stories of women surfers from around the globe. The following is meant as a guide to get you started.

There are three main sections to HWS. These include historical eras, personal biographies, and “talking story”. If you are interested in writing/submitting for the section about historical eras, please contact us for a separate set of guidelines.

Personal Biography:

This section is meant to introduce and/or expand our knowledge of your personal background and your personal experience as a female surfer with your unique perspective.

What year were you born?
What is your country of origin?
What is your surf stance (goofy or natural/regular foot)?
When did you start surfing?
How did you start surfing?
Which surf breaks are your favorite and/or what surf breaks helped shape your surf style?
What does surfing mean to you?
Has your relationship with surfing changed over time? If so, how?
What is it like to be a female surfer?
What challenges and/or benefits have you encountered being a female surfer?
What was it like growing up as a female surfer in your era and location, both in the line-        up and on land?
How have things changed for female surfers in your lifetime?
Have you taught others to surf?
If so, what is your philosophy in sharing surfing with others?
Who are your surfing inspirations?
Did you compete?
If you competed when/where/what associations and best placings.
What was competition like for you?
Who did you compete with?
What are you doing now?

Talking Story:

In this section, we are looking for stories and memories that reflect your unique experiences and adventures as a surfer. Examples may include: surf trips, first day surfing, sharing surfing with others, best/worst day surfing, surf injuries, stories about others, stories about transitional moments in surfing you were a part of or bore witness to…

Guidelines for submitting photographs:

1. Photograph size: minimum of 700 pixels by xxx. 300 dpi is best, but 72 is ok.

2. State photographer and contact information, if known. We will need permission to use this photograph from the photographer (see HWS terms and conditions TOC).

3. If photographer is unknown, please indicate how you would like us to credit the photo (e.g. Courtesy of the collection/archive of____)?

4. All photographs will be presented in a template with the HWS logo and © credit (see image below).

5. We prefer you watermark your photos.


Please send any submissions to with *Submission* in the subject line.


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